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Husband Wife
NAME John Fletcher Marion Hendry
BORN 24 May 18691285,2571,7477,7478,7485 8 February 1869815,2565,2566,2568,2571,4634,4642,5439,7480,7485
PLACE Anderston, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland Anderston, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
DIED unknown 2 April 1947
PLACE New York, Kings, New York, USA
FATHER John Fletcher James Hendry
MOTHER Rebecca McKinnon Amelia Yule
MARRIAGE 13 November 1891 in Glasgow, Scotland1282
NAME Margaret Fletcher Emily Fletcher Rebecca Fletcher John Fletcher
BORN 18912571,4637,4638,6308 31 Oct 18922571,2572,4641,4642,6305,7479,7485 4 Sep 18942571,4635,4636,5439,7482,7485 18972571,4646,5439,7485
PLACE Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow, Scotland
SPOUSE Milton Hargreaves James Graham
DIED unknown May 19866306 Oct 19767487 unknown
PLACE Parsippany, New Jersey

NAME James Fletcher Flora Fletcher
BORN 18992571 28 Feb 19055439,7480,7485,7486
PLACE Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow, Lanark
DIED unknown Mar 19927488
PLACE Brooklyn, New York, USA