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Parents Husband Wife
NAME William Gibb Johan Love
BORN Abt. 1806 410,1583 abt Feb 1802 410,869,1583
PLACE Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland
DIED 22 September 1869 413,417 6 September 1857 , 410,868
PLACE Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
FATHER Henry Gibb James Love 868
MOTHER Mary Porteous Margaret Flockart
MARRIAGE 30 January 1836 at Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland 414
1st MARRIAGE William Gibb and Ann Herron
Family History

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Children 1 2 3 4
NAME John Gibb Margaret Gibb
BORN 1 Aug 1838 411,1583,3791 15 Jul 1840 412,1583
PLACE Dunfermline, Scotland Dunfermline, Scotland
MARRIED 3 Aug 18603713
PLACE Leslie, Fife
SPOUSE Janet Suttie
DIED unknown unknown

Family History


SUDDEN DEATH - On Tuesday afternoon an old man, named William Gibb, fell down suddenly, under the Railway Station and expired. It appears that on the arrival of the coals from Kinross, he was requested to take a quantity of coals from the station to a house at Towngreen. For this purpose he obtained the loan of a barrow from the station agent, and went along the foot-path that leads from the station through the market stance into Martyrs Street. At the junction of the market ground with that which belongs to the Railway Companny, there is a wicket to allow foot passengers to pass. the poor man, in order to get on his way, took the coals out of the barrow, pushed it through the wire fence and then lifted the coals on to it again. After having done this, he was observed to fall down by the side of the barrow, and when assistances reached him, life was found to be extinct. the body was carried to the porter's lodge, on the platform, where it was examined by Dr. Morris and his assistant, and pronounced to be dead.

A stretcher was then procured from the goods shed, and the police took possession of the body, and had it conveyed to the deadhouse at the hospital. Information of the occurrences was at once despatched to one of the deceased's sons, who resides in Kinross, and next day he arrived in Dunfermline. Gibb was a stout bodied man, about 63 years of age, and was well known in the locality.


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