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The Fleming family farm, Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The Fleming family farm Craigton, Kinross - home of Tom and Agnes Fleming Kate Fleming - Invercargill Gibb family, Kinross, circa 1906 Thomas Fleming and wife Agnes Gibb at Craigton Farm, Kinross, Scotland Agnes Gibb and unnamed baby “Thomas  “Mary Lawrie Fleming and three of her children, Scotland about 1856” Adam Fleming, son of Adam Fleming and Elizabeth Parker Taylor, 1877-1916. possibly James Fleming, brother of Mrs. Porteous Allan Fleming, born Stonehouse, Scotland, died Australia John Fleming, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada picture of Ellen Shearer picture of Janet Porteous, nee Fleming picture of Janet Jamieson, nee Porteous, age 19 picture of James Shearer, Holm Farm, Stonehouse Thomas Fleming moved his family to New Zealand from Stonehouse, Lanark, Scotland Andrew Scoular Fleming, son of Adam Fleming and Elizabeth Parker Taylor