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Parents Husband Wife
NAME James Cockburn Betsy Harcus
BORN 22 December 1864780,781,782,783,785 27 March 1874707,708,760,784,786,793,794
PLACE Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland Westray, Orkney, Scotland
FATHER William Cockburn James Harcus
MOTHER Janet Symington Ann Jemima Simpson
MARRIAGE 1898 in Aldershot, Hampshire, England779
2nd MARRIAGE Richard Knight and Elizabeth Harcus

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Children 1 2 3 4
NAME William Cockburn Jemima Simpson Cockburn James Harcus Cockburn
BORN 23 Jul 1898709,760,784,786,795,800,801 12 May 1900777 16 Aug 1903760,784,786,793 27 Jul 1907760,784,786,793,804,809
PLACE Aldershot, England Westray, Orkney Glasgow, Lanark Scotland
MARRIED 1924796
PLACE Quincy, Massachusetts
SPOUSE Gladys Thelma Benn Dorothy Johanna Grant
DIED 12 Dec 1972802,803 28 Nov 1900778 Feb 1967805 27 Aug 1976810,811
PLACE Plymouth, Massachusetts Westray, Orkney Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Quincy, Massachusetts

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Children 5 6 7 8
NAME Jeanette S Cockburn
BORN 1908760,784,786
PLACE Glasgow, Lanark

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