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Parents Husband Wife
NAME William Harcus Mary Grieve
BORN 1881707,708,840,842 16 May 1874837,838,839,840,842
PLACE Westray, Orkney, Scotland Egilshay, Orkney, Scotland
FATHER James Harcus James Grieve
MOTHER Ann Jemima Simpson Margaret Gibson
MARRIAGE 22 December 1898 in Egilshay, Orkney, Scotland

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Children 1 2 3 4
NAME William Harcus Henry Harcus Margaret Harcus Marion Lochhead Harcus
BORN 1899840,842 1900840,841,842 1904842 15 Oct 1910842,866
PLACE Orkney, Scotland Govan, Lanark Govan, Lanark Govan, Lanark
MARRIED 28 Apr 1925843
PLACE Glasgow, Lanark
SPOUSE Annie Aitken Wilson

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Children 5 6 7 8
NAME Jemima Simpson Grieve Harcus
BORN 1915865
PLACE Govan, Lanark
DIED 16 Oct 1918865
PLACE Govan, Lanark

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