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Parents Husband Wife
NAME Jean Tulloch
BORN 1842 1970,1971,1975,2355,2356,8347
PLACE Westray, Orkney, Scotland
DIED 9 February 1918 1976
PLACE Kirkwall, Orkney
FATHER John Tulloch
MOTHER Sophia Sandison
Family History

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Children 1 2 3 4
NAME Jane Sophia Hardy Tulloch Mary Tulloch James Wilson Tomima Wilson Tulloch
BORN 19 Oct 1875 1964,2356,3981 9 Aug 1879 1970,1971,2356,3980 18 Sep 18841970,1971,1975,1973 20 Sep 18861970,1971,1974,1981,1982
PLACE Wick, Caithness Westray, Orkney Kirkwall, Orkney Kirkwall, Orkney
MARRIED 26 Dec 19021965 27 Mar 19071977
PLACE Westray, Orkney Kirkwall, Orkney
SPOUSE William Mason Alexander Cooper
DIED unknown 29 Sep 19031972
PLACE Kirkwall, Orkney

Family History

In the parish registers for all the children, 'illegitimate' was marked beside their name. Later in life, three of the children appear to have adopted what was perhaps their father's names as a surname. Jane Sophia Hardy Tulloch is sometimes referred to as Jane Hardy, and James Wilson Tulloch and Tomima Wilson Tulloch as Wilson

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