Children and descendants of

List of known descendants of Robert Dow and Janet Whyte of Kinross, Scotland
Dow 1
Children and descendants of John Dow (Jean Laurie)
John son of Robert and Janet
Jessie Dow (Charles Taylor) granddaughter of John and Jean - Australia
Dow 2
James Dow (Elizabeth McLaren) and John Dow (Janet McLaren)
James and John - sons of John and Jean - Massachusetts
Dow 3
John Dow (Janet McLaren) cont, of Alexander Dow (Agnes Beveridge) and of James Dow (May Gay)
John son of John Dow and Jean Laurie
James son of John and Jean
Dow 4
Mary May Dow (John Meldrum)
Sarah (James McNicol) and John (Margaret Buist) - children of John Meldrum and May Dow
Sarah and John grandchildren of James Dow and May Gay
Dow 5
David Syme Meldrum (Jane Heggie) and Andrew Meldrum (Margaret Brown)
David and Andrew sons of Mary May Dow (John Meldrum) and great-grandsons of Robert D and Janet W
Dow 6
Mary May Dow (John Meldrum) children cont
Robert Dow (Janet McLaren) Mary and Robert - children of Robert Dow and Janet Whyte
Dow 7
Janet Dow (William Gibson), Margaret Dow (Robert Duncan) and Agnes Dow (James Chapman)
Janet, Margaret and Agnes - grandchildren of Robert Dow and Janet Whyte

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