Pottinger cont.

  • George Pottinger and Isabella Bews
  • James Pottinger and Clara Cameron
  • Roy Thompson and Kate Pottinger
  • George Herbert Pottinger and Anna Morry
  • Claude Pottinger and Phyllis Hoggarth
  • Morgan Hirst and Myrtle Pottinger
  • William Pottinger and Magdalena Sansregret
  • Andrew Hogg and Euphemia Tyson
  • Langdon James and Isabella Hogg
  • William Pottinger and Euphemia Tyson
  • George Pottinger and Katherine Jay
  • John Edward Tait and Heather Jay Pottinger
  • Brian Black and Denise Pottinger
  • George Kingston Michael Pottinger and Juanita Edythe Griffin
  • Henry Pottinger and Clara Humber
  • Percy Humber and Helen Pottinger
  • Robert Jones and Helen Pottinger
  • Claude Gregory and Nellie Jones
  • George Anderson and Hazel Jones
  • William Grimes and Roberta Anderson
  • David Pottinger and Maria Anne Reid
  • Sidney Webb and Nellie Pottinger
  • Robert Crombie and Marjorie Pottinger
  • Edmund Pottinger and Maude Humber
  • Michael Edmund Pottinger and living Ladner
  • William Rendall and Janet Pottinger

  • Sandison


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