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Gladys Irene Carberry
Born 1912 in Albion, Ontario, Canada
William George Carberry
Born 1872 in Toronto Gore, Ontario, Canada


Eva Mary Elizabeth Cardell


Sophia Hannah Careless
Born 1842 in London, England


Roy Carpenter
Born 1898 in Adams, Massachusetts, USA


Leo Lyle Carr
Born 1910 in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania, USA


Helen Carrick
Born 1877 in Glasgow, Scotland


Emma Clara Carrier
Born 1903 in Illinois, USA


Albert Carss
Born 1901 in Assiniboia West, Saskatchewan
Alfred Carss
Born 1887 in Fitzroy, Ontario, Canada
Alice Mildred Carss
Annabelle Carss
Born 1901 in Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada
Clifton Carss
Dorothy Iola Willis Carss
Born 1912 in Vancouver, British Columbia
Edgar Henry Carss
Born 1867 in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
Edna C Carss
Born 1917 in Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada
Edna Carss
Gertrude Grant Carss
Born 1876 in Orillia, Ontario
Gordon Ewan Carss
Born 1923 in Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada
Harold Wallace Carss
Born 1916 in Saskatchewan, Canada
Ida Jane Carss
Born 1871 in Ontario, Canada
Ira Reginald Carss
Born 1883 in Fitzroy, Ontario, Canada
James Gordon Carss
Born 1875 in Carleton County, Ontario
Kathleen Carss
Born 1903 in Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada
Lila May Carss
Born 1891 in Fitzroy, Ontario, Canada
Mabel Jeanne Carss
Born 1909 in Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada
Norman Carss
Robert Bruce Wallace Carss
Robert Henry Carss
Born 1843 in Fitzroy, Ontario, Canada
Robert John Carss
Born 1872 in Westmeath township, Ontario
Wilbert Carss
Born 1881 in Fitzroy, Ontario, Canada


Joseph Morris Jerry Caselli
Born 1934 in California, USA


James Alvin Lyle Caslick


Elsie Catheral


Ann Cavanagh
Born about 1858
Martin W Cavanagh
Born 1890 in Nebraska, USA


Edna Amelia Cayzer
Born 1906 in Marrickville, NSW, Australia

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