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Ethel Mary Crackle
Born 1925 in Audlem, Cheshire, England


Ann Craig
Born 1853 in Saline, Fife, Scotland
Margaret Elizabeth Craig
Born 1883 in Braddock, Pennsylvania, USA
Rebecca Craig
Born 1830 in Strathaven, Lanark, Scotland


James Craigie
Born 1870 in Egilshay, Orkney, Scotland
James Craigie
Born 1902 in Egilshay, Orkney, Scotland
John Craigie
Born 1903 in Egilshay, Orkney, Scotland
Robert Craigie
Born 1904 in Egilshay, Orkney, Scotland


Margaret Noeline Dorothy Crammond


Janet Roden Cranstoun


Agnes Crawford
Born 1866 in Bothwell, Lanark
Alexander Crawford
Born 1879 in Cardwell, Ontario
Ardell Campbell Crawford
Beverly Hosmer Crawford
Elizabeth Crawford
Born 1892 in Cardwell, Ontario
Elizabeth Elena Crawford
Born 1930 in Rosseau, Parry Sound, Ontario
Elizabeth Francis Crawford
Born 1915 in Rosseau, Parry Sound, Ontario
Joseph Ezra Crawford
Frances Crawford
Frederick William Crawford
Gavin Crawford
Gerald Armond Crawford
Born 1924 in Rosseau, Ontario, Canada
Glen Oakes Crawford
Born 1931 in Rosseau, Ontario, Canada
Harvey Alexander Crawford
Jane Crawford
Jessie Crawford
John Crawford
Born abt 1851 in Sherbrooke, Ontario, Canada
John Crawford
Born abt 1883 in Ontario, Canada
John Alexander Crawford
Born 1920 in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Lorraine Crawford
Born 1937 in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Margaret E. Crawford
Marjorie Crawford
Mary Crawford
Born 1895 in Cardwell Township, Ontario, Canada
E Mary Crawford
Born 1915 in Rosseau, Ontario, Canada
Robert Crawford
Robert John Crawford
Sarah Ann Crawford
Stanley A Crawford
Thomas Crawford
Born 1885 in Rosseau, Ontario
Vernon Laurie Crawford
William Crawford


John Gregory Kingston Crawley
Born 1944 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Walter Gregory Birchmall Crawley
Born 1911 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Alice Spencer Crawshaw
Born 1859 in Victoria, Australia


Elizabeth Venton Crichton
Born 1910 in Scotland
Susan Crichton
Born 1856 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland


Matilda Croft


Herbert Crockatt
Born 1891 in Dundee, Forfar, Scotland


Alfred Johnston Cromarty
Born 1907 in Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland
James Cromarty
Born 1868 in Deerness, Orkney, Scotland
James Cromarty
Born 1903 in Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland
John Donaldson Cromarty
Born 1905 in Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland
Mary Cromarty
Born 1904 in Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland


Robert Crombie


William Crowle


William Crozier
born 1908 in New Zealand


David Gambley Culbert
born 1882 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Gerald Reid Culbert
born 1908 in Ontario, Canada


Mark William Cullington


Sarah Culotta
Born 1920 in Louisiana, USA


Jack Elwood Culp
Born 1929 in Wisconsin, USA


Barbara Cummin


Charles Cumming
Clarence Walter Cumming
Earl James Stuart Cumming
John Cumming
Born abt 1883 in Ontario, Canada
John Cumming
Born abt 1905 in Ontario, Canada
Wallace Begg Cumming


Bruce Henry Cuppage
Born 1927 in Ontario, Canada
George A S Cuppage
Born 1869 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Hazel Jane Cuppage
Born 1894 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
John Henry Cuppage
Born 1896 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Mervin J Cuppage
Born 1927 in Ontario, Canada
Ray James Cuppage
Born 1927 in Ontario, Canada


Mary Currie
Born 1869 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
David Currie
Born 1886 in Otago, New Zealand


David Curry
Born 1873 in California, USA
Jane Curry
Born 1882 in Pennsylvania, USA


Mary Ann Cursiter


Hazel Marie Custead
Born 1897 in Meadville, Pennsylvania
Ina Adelaide Custead
Born 1912 in Meadville, Pennsylvania


Catherine Cuthbert
Christina Cuthbert
Christine Cuthbert
Born 1893 in Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland
Clement Cuthbert
David Gambley Cuthbert
Francis Cuthbert
Frank John Cuthbert
Born 1916 in San Bernadino, California, USA
Helen Cuthbert
James Cuthbert
John Cuthbert
Mary Ida Cuthbert
Nancy Jane Cuthbert
Peter Windsor Cuthbert
Thomas W Cuthbert

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