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Leach / Leech

Clinton Alexander Leach
Born 1914 in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada
Eldon Leech
Born 1884 in Ontario, Canada
Garnet Eldon Leech
Born 1931 in Empress, Alberta, Canada
Jennie Leach
Born 1883 in Ontario, Canada
Linda Amelia Leach
Born 1931 in Empress, Alberta, Canada
Mary Alice Leech
Born 1897 in Ontario, Canada
Muriel Gladys Leach
Born 1900 in Ontario, Canada
Sadie "Peg" C. Leach
Born 1896 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
R Clifford Leach
Born 1917 in Empress, Alberta, Canada
Terrance Clifford Leech
Born 1937 in Empress, Alberta, Canada
Thomas Leech
Born 1856 in Wilberforce, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Mansel Leech
Born 1891 in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
Una Leach
Born 1926 in Karamea, Westland, New Zealand
Walzey Alfred Leech
Born 1889 in Ontario, Canada
William Henry Harry Leach
Born 1894 in Ontario, Canada
Winston Joseph Leach
Born 1885 in Palmyra, New York, USA


Audrey Leal
Born 1888 in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand


Harold Aikens Learmont
Born 1920 in Esquesing Township, Ontario, Canada


Hargrave Walter Leask
Born 1892 in Firth, Orkney, Scotland
Jane Leask
Born 1870 in Cairston, Orkney, Scotland
Mary Agnes Sutherland Leask
Born 1879 in Kirkwall, Orkney
William Leask
Born 1846 in Cairston, Orkney, Scotland


--?-- Leckie
Helen Leckie


Gavin Leggate
Born 1875 in Chapelton, Lanark, Scotland
Isabella Murray Leggate
Born 1901 in Glassford, Lanark, Scotland
Janet Leggate
Born 1903 in Glassford, Lanark, Scotland
Marion Leggate
Michael McNaught Leggate
Born 1913 in Glassford, Lanark, Scotland
William Leggate
Born 1905 in East Kilbride, Lanark, Scotland


Catherine Leiper
Born 1832 in Strathaven, Lanark, Scotland


Esther Hendry Leishman
Born 1866 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Helen Leishman
Born 1890 in Juniper Green, Midlothian, Scotland


Elspeth Leitch
Born 1788 in Scotland


John Henley Lemoine
Born in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
Reginald Henley Lemoine
Born 1887 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Robert James Nathaniel Lemoine
Born in Ontario, Canada


Thomas Dominic Leon
Born 1903 in York Co., Ontario, Canada


Mona Lequier
Born 1895 in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada


Ann Leslie
Born 1817 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland
Elizabeth Leslie
Mary Enid Leslie
Born 1922
George Leslie
Born 1878 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland
George Leslie
Born 1881 in Milton, Otago, New Zealand
Henry Leslie
Born 1857 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland
Henry Leslie
Born 1909 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland
Isabella Leslie
Born 1814 in Westray & Papa Westray, Orkney
Jane Euphemia Leslie
Born 1898 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland
Jean Leslie
Born 1921 in New Zealand
Mary Leslie
Born 1882 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland
Mary Leslie
Born 1902 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland
Robert C Leslie
Born 1910 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland
Thomas Leslie
Born 1888 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland
William Henry Leslie
Born 1882 in Mulmur Twnsp, Ontario, Canada
William Lawrie Leslie
Born 1918 in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada


Amy Jane Lewis
Born 1865 in Pounawea, Otago, New Zealand
Frank Charles Lewis
Born 1908 in Stoke Newington, London, England
Muriel Edith Lewis
Born 1924 in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada


Mary Liddell
Born abouy 1736 in Orkney, Scotland


Elizabeth Liddle
James Liddle
Born 1858 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Jane Liddle
Born 1858 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Rosine Liebmann
Born 1874 in Paupitzsch, Germany


Christian Lindsay
Peter Bryson Lindsay
Born 1911 in Malton, Peel Co., Ontario, Canada


Alexander Linn
Born abt 1820 in Kirknewton and East Calder, Midlothian, Scotland
James Linn
Born 1846 in Polmont, Stirling, Scotland


Ellen Linnett


Janet Clark Linton
Born 1876 in Selkirk, Selkirkshire, Scotland


Albert E Litchfield
Born 1915 in Lancashire, England


Leole Little
Born 1873 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada


Ruby Livingston
Born 1893 in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada


Hilda Myfanwy Llewelyn
Born 1906 in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales


Dorine Lloyd
Born 1924 in Govan, Saskatchewan, Canada
Isobel Freda Lloyd
John Harrop Marshall Lloyd
Born 1901 in Towyn, Merionethshire, Wales

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