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Jane M'Kean


Ian Macallan
Born 1906 in New Zealand


Jane MacBeath
Born 1844 in Lanark, Scotland


Blanche Anne MacDonald
Born 1930 in Carnoch, Highland, Scotland
Margaret MacDonald
Born 1868 in Ontario, Canada


Harry Wifrid MacFarlane
Helen Jean MacFarlane
Born 1938 in Canada
John Douglas MacFarlane
Born 1896 in Gottingen, Germany
John MacFarlane
Born 1945 in Canada


Douglas Stuart MacIntyre


David Ronald MacKay
Born 1915 in New Zealand


See also McMuldrow and McMuldroch

Loretta Monica MacMuldrow
Born 1925 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Matthew MacMuldrow
Born 1896 in Kilmarnoch, Ayr, Scotland


Mary Jane MacPherson
Born 1867 in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada


Charles MacPhie
Born 1890 in Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland


Ian Kay MacRosty
Born 1911 in Crieff, Perth, Scotland
James MacRosty
Born 1881 in Comrie, Perth, Scotland


Mary Daisy McAdam


Gilbert Eric McAhan
Born 1899 in Dunedin, New Zealand


David McAin
Born 1890 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
Robert McAin
Born 1855 in Stirlingshire, Scotland
Robert McAin
Born 1883 in Dunfermline, Scotland


Martha McAtamney
Born 1922 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England


Archibald McBride
Born 1892 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland


Elva McCabe


Cecilia Suttie McCallum
Born 1910 in Scotland
Henry McCallum
Born 1885 in St. Giles, Midlothian, Scotland
Isabel McCallum
Born 1880 in King, Ontario, Canada
Sylvia McCallum
Born 190 in Ontario, Canada


Donald Joseph McCarron
Born 1925 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Doreen Handscombe McClatchy
Born 1903 in Invercargill, New Zealand


Jane McClean
Born 1831 in Northumberland, England


Ruth McCleary
Born 1874 in Halton County, Ontario, Canada


Daniel McClure
David J McClure
Born 1914 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jane McClure
Born 1881 in Ontario, Canada
Jane McClure
Born 1918 in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Kathleen McClure
Born 1911 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Laurie George McClure
Born 1924 in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Margaret McClure
Born abt 1782 in Oban, Argyll, Scotland
Marion McClure
Born Abt. 1783
Mary McClure
Robert James McClure
Born 1913 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Robert John McClure
Born 1880 in Killymuck, Londonderry County, Northern Ireland
William Crawford McClure


Mina Agnes McConnachie
Born 1896 in New Zealand


Lawrence Albert McCormack
Born 1909 in Missouri, USA


Homer Otto McCormick
Born 1904 in Glen Cove, Texas, United States


Ada L McCouan
Born 1918 in Ontario, Canada
Clarence McCouan
Donald E McCouan
Born 1916 in Ontario, Canada
George M McCouan
Born 1921 in Ontario, Canada
John McCouan
Born 1873 in Beckwith, Ontario, Canada
John McCouan
Born 1911 in Ontario, Canada
Lillian McCouan
Born 1868 in Ashton, Ontario
Norman McCouan
Born 1880 in Ontario, Canada
Robert Clarence McCouan
Ruth McCouan
Born 1929 in Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada
Ruth Jeanetta McLaren McCouan
Born 1871 in Beckwith township, Ontario, Canada
Wallace McCouan
Born 1882 in Beckwith twnsp, Ontario, Canada
Wallace McCouan
Born 1905 in Ontario, Canada
Wilfred Emmanuel McCouan
Born 1885 in Ontario, Canada
Wilfred Emmanuel McCouan
Born 1910 in Ontario, Canada
William McCouan


Margretta McCready
Born 1911 in Belfast, Northern Ireland


Janet McCulloch


Frank McCutcheon
Born 1893 in Vaughan Twnsp, Ontario, Canada


Lindsay James McDiarmid
Born 1953 in Otago, New Zealand
William McDiarmid


Alexander McDonald
Born 1870 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Archibald McDonald
Born 1853 in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Charles McDonald
Born 1833 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Charles McDonald
Born 1879 in Kinross, Kinross, Scotland
David Lawrie Lawrence McDonald
Born 1888 in Vaughan Twnsp, Ontario, Canada
Gladys Astella McDonald
Born 1910 in New Zealand
James McDonald
Born 1868 in Glasgow, Scotland
Jane Laura Beth McDonald
Born 1890 in Vaughan Twnsp, Ontario, Canada
Janet McDonald
Born 1872 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Jessie Margaret McDonald
Born 1924 in Ontario, Canada
Mary Louise McDonald
Born 1891 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Robert McDonald
Born 1877 in Kinross, Kinross, Scotland
Willia L McDonald
Born 1920 in Ontario, Canada


Gilbert McDougall
Born 1905


Allan McEachern
Born 1863 in Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Josephine McEachern
Born 1886 in Wiarton, Ontario, Canada
Samuel McEachern
Born 1893 in Coatbridge, Lanark, Scotland


Anne McElroy
Born abt 1804 in Armagh County, Ireland
Francis Deleon McElroy
Born 1912 in Oregon, USA
James McElroy
Born abt 1801 in Armagh County, Ireland
Mary McElroy


Janet Mc Ewan
Born 1842 in Crieff, Perth, Scotland


Norman McEwen
See Norman McCouan


Ellen Euphemia McFadyen
Born 1889 in Bright, Victoria, Australia


Margaret Belle McFarlane
Born 1893 in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada
Ronald Knox McFarlane
Born 1920 in New Zealand

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