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Alan Raymond Michelle
Born 1910 in New Zealand
Amelia Florence Michelle
Born 1906 in New Zealand
Elspeth Rhena Michelle
Born 1903 in New Zealand
Eric Gordon Michelle
Born 1908 in New Zealand
John Keith Michelle
Born 1912 in New Zealand
Richard Harvey Michelle
Born 1873 in Otago, New Zealand
Richard Harvey Michelle
Born 1899 in Otago, New Zealand
William Thomas Michelle
Born 1901 in Otago, New Zealand


Annie Millar
Annie Marshall Millar
Elizabeth Millar
Born 1852 in Lochwinnoch, Renfrew, Scotland
Helen Millar
Born 1872 in Stonehouse, Lanark, Scotland
Jane Millar
Born 1860 in Rendall, Orkney, Scotland
Mary Millar
Born 1870 in Ontario, Canada


Alexander Miller
Born 1900 in Kinross, Kinross, Scotland
Bertha Evelyn Miller
Born 1902 in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
Donald Keith Miller
Born 1927 in Balclutha, Otago, New Zealand
George Miller
Born 1869 in Whitchurch, Ontario, Canada
Gordon Albert Miller
Born 1904 in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
Jane Miller
Born 1854 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland
Maggie Miller
Born 1855 in Galston, Ayr, Scotland
Born abt 1688 in Dalserf, Lanark, Scotland
Robert Lawrie Miller
Born 1909 in Nashville, Ontario, Canada
Ross Carman Miller
Born 1906 in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada


Malcolm Milloy
Born 1902 in Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland


Rollin Jamws Mills
Born 1890 in South Dakota, USA


Cecil Arthur Milne
George Stanley Milne
Born 1907 in Sydney, NSW, Australia
Ian Douglas Milne
Robert James Milne
Born 1941 in Lithgow, NSW, Australia


Henry Francis Milner
Born 1869 in Woolley Moor, Derbyshire, England


Alexander Mitchell
Born 1864 in Dudwick, Aberdeen, Scotland
Arthur Bruce Mitchell
Born 1918 in Milton, Otago, New Zealand
Barbara Helen Mitchell
Born 1908 in Milton, Otago, New Zealand
Beatrice Jane Mitchell
Born 1906 in Milton, Otago, New Zealand
Christina Mitchell
Born 1895 in Carradale, Argyll, Scotland
Doris Irene Mitchell
Born 1898 in Milton, Otago, New Zealand
Edith Elaine Mitchell
Born 1904 in Milton, Otago, New Zealand
Elizabeth Ferguson Mitchell
Born 1907 in Milton, Otago, New Zealand
Ellener Mitchell
Born 1880 in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada
Helen Mitchell
Born 1861 in Glasgow, Scotland
Isabel Hope Mitchell
Born 1896 in Milton, Otago, New Zealand
John Bishop Mitchell
Born 1891 in Milton, Otago, New Zealand
Lulu Agatha Mary Mitchell
Born 1901 in Milton, Otago, New Zealand
Margaret Leask Mitchell
Born 1894 in Milton, Otago, New Zealand
Marjorie Rose Mitchell
Born 1922 in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
Rebecca Mitchell
Born 1889 in Milton, Otago, New Zealand
Selina Hughena Mitchell
Born 1876 in Ontario, Canada


Margaret Sarah Moir


Ethel Molitor
Born 1891 in Bremen, Indiana, USA


Charles Henry Mollart
Born 1894 Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Margaret Brown Mollart
Born 1920 in Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland


Janet Manclark


Catharine Monro
Born 1881 in Kinross, Kinross, Scotland
Jane Monro
Born 1871 in Alva, Stirling, Scotland
Janet Monro
Born 1879 in Kinross, Kinross, Scotland
John Monro
Born 1869 in Alva, Stirling, Scotland
Robert Monro
Born 1843 in Alloa, Clackmannan, Scotland
Roberts Monro
Born 1873 in Tillicoultry, Clackmannan, Scotland
William Monro
Born 1876 in Alva, Stirling, Scotland


Those born in Argyll sometimes also known as Mooney
Andrew Moodie
Born 1883 in Orkney, Scotland
Bessie Moodie
Born 1895 in Glasgow, Lanark
Elizabeth Johnston Moodie
Born 1907 in Kirn, Argyll, Scotland
Emily B Moodie
Born 1889 in Renfrew, Scotland
Gilbert Stewart Moodie
Born 1898 in Kirn, Argyll, Scotland
Grace Longmuir Moodie
Born 1895 in Kirn, Argyll, Scotland
Jean Margaret Moodie
Born 1892 in Kirn, Argyll, Scotland
John Moodie
Born 1852 in Sanday, Orkney
John R. Moodie
Born 1886 in Renfrew, Scotland
Mary Nisbet Moodie
Born 1902 in Kirn, Argyll, Scotland
Peter A. Moodie
Born 1893 in Glasgow, Lanark
Thomas B. Moodie
Born 1891 in Renfrew, Scotland


Leslie Rex Moody
Born 1916 in Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand


Barry Moolchan
Born 1945 in Manitoba, Canada

Mooney / Moonie

Some also known as Moodie
Daniel Mooney
Born 1833 in Cathcart, Renfrew, Scotland
Thomas Mooney
Born 1861 in Barony, Lanark, Scotland
William Mooney
Born 1860 in Springburn, Lanark, Scotland


Herbert Y. Moore
Born 1890 in Stittsville, Ontario, Canada


Martha Thomson McKinlay More
Born 1908 in Juniper Green, Scotland


Vivien Moreau


John Morgan
Born 1891 in Troon, Ayr, Scotland


Alexander Morison
Born 1855 in Perth, Scotland
Christina Duncan Morison
Born 1857 in Perth, Scotland
Helen Heron Morison
Born 1863 in Monzievaird and Strowan, Perth, Scotland
Frederick Mark Morison
Born 1899 in Nowra, New South Wales, Australia
Janet Morison
John Morison
Born 1824 in Perth, Scotland
William Morison
Born 1854 in Auchterarder, Perth, Scotland


Benjamin Stephen Morris
Born 1910 in Rothesay, Scotland
Catherine Philip Morris
Born 1893 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
William Morris
Born 1893 in New York, USA


Agnes Morrison
Born 1904 in Doune, Perth, Scotland
Alexander Morrison
Born 1866 in Auchterarder, Perth, Scotland
Andrew Morrison
Born 1858 in Auchterarder, Perth, Scotland
Andrew H Morrison
Born 1858 in Kinross, Kinross, Scotland
Christina Morrison
Born 1861 in Auchterarder, Perth, Scotland
David Morrison
Born 1833 in Auchterarder, Perth, Scotland
David Morrison
Born 1878 in Rhynd, Perth, Scotland
David Morrison
Born 1897 in Perth, Scotland
Frances Morrison
Born 1900 in Perth, Scotland
Glenn Morrison
Born 1908 in Pennsylvania, USA
Harold Morrison
Born 1910 in Pennsylvania, USA
Isabella Morrison
Born 1890 in Kinross, Scotland
James Morrison
Born 1869 in Monzievaird and Strowan, Perth, Scotland
John Morrison
Born 1840 in Fossoway, Kinross, Scotland
John Morrison
Born 1861 in Perth, Scotland
John Morrison
Born 1899 in Perth, Scotland
Lilias Morrison
Born 1905 in Doune, Perth, Scotland
Margaret May Morrison
Born 1884 in Kinross, Scotland
Margaret Miller Morrison
Born 1859 in Monzievaird and Strowan, Perth, Scotland
Mary Coupar Morrison
Born 1864 in Auchterarder, Perth, Scotland
William Morrison
Born 1902 in Doune, Perth, Scotland


Anna Victoria Morry
Born 1891 in Victoria, BC, Canada


Doris Morton
Margaret Morton
Born 1849 in Glassford, Lanark, Scotland
Mary Kathleen Morton
Born 1905


Elizabeth Mary Moss
Born 1906 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Janet Fyfe Moss
Born 1909 in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
William Moss
Born 1838 in Cheltenham, Gloucester, England
Wilhelmena Frances Moss
Born 1912 in Southampton, Hampshire, England
William Moss
Born 1877 in Cotham, Nottinghamshire, England


Grace Moyer


Margaret Dorothy Moir Moyes
Born 1904 in Lancashire, England

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