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Anna Belle Tait
Born 1889 in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
Colleen Georgia Tait
Born 1929 in Ashburton, New Zealand
Francis George Tait
Born 1906 in New Zealand
John Edward Tait


Joan Eileen Ada Taudevin
Born 1908 in Middlesex, England


Anthony Hugh Corbett Taylor
Born 1918 in Coonamble, NSW, Australia
Charles Taylor
Born 1822 in Kinross, Scotland
Charles Taylor
Born 1850 in Kinross, Scotland
Effie Margaret Taylor
Born 1875 in Lanark twnsp, Ontario, Canada
Elizabeth Taylor
Born about 1786 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland
Elizabeth Binnie Taylor
Born 1890 in South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland
Elizabeth Parker Taylor
Born 1850 in Neilston, Renfrew, Scotland
Ethel Taylor
Born 1900 in North Adams, Massachusetts, USA
George Percival Taylor
Born 1872 in Massachusetts, USA
Helen Taylor
Born 1810 in Torryburn, Fife, Scotland
Helen Taylor
Born 1854 in Hindmarsh, Australia
James Alexander Taylor
Born 1897 in New Hamphsire, USA
James Alexander Taylor
Born 1924 in New Hamphsire, USA
Janet Taylor
Born 1791 in Westray, Orkney, Scotland
Jean Taylor
Born 1840 in Kinross, Kinross, Scotland
Jessie Taylor
Born 1860 in South Australia, Australia
John Taylor
Born 1893 in Otago, New Zealand
John Taylor
Born 1923 in Otago, New Zealand
John Edward Taylor
Born 1901 in London, England
June Veronica Taylor
Born 1920 in New Zealand
Leslie Alexander Taylor
Born 1928 in Balclutha, Otago, New Zealand
Margaret Taylor
Born 1881 in New Zealand
Mary Young Taylor
Born 1884 in Beath, Fife, Scotland
Melissa Taylor
Born 1889 in Peel, Ontario, Canada
Russell Taylor
Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Sarah Elizabeth Taylor
Born 1888 in Coonamble, New South Wales, Australia
William Taylor
Born abt 1916 in Darmody, Saskatchewan, Canada
William Arthur Taylor
Born in 1944 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
William George Taylor
Born 1882 in NSW, Australia
William George Taylor
Born 1916 in NSW, Australia
William Hazzard Taylor
Born 1883, probably in Ontario, Canada
William Russell Coates Taylor
Born 1906 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Hugh Andrew Telfer
Born 1901 in Mataura Island, New Zealand


John Temple
Born 1880 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Robert S Temple
Born 1854 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


Lillias Mary Tennant
Born 1921 in Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada


Alan Arnold Tennent
Born 1899 in Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand
Sally Anne Tennent


John F Terry
Born 1923 in San Francisco, California, USA


Gertrude Dolores Tetro
Born 1903 in Frontenac, Ontario, Canada


Thomas Third


Elizabeth Thom
Born 1904 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Jeanie Thom
Born 1904 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Margaret Thom
Born 1907 in Cathcart, Renfrew, Scotland
Robert Thom
Born 1875 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland


Joseph Henry Thomas
Born 1896 in Masterton, New Zealand

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