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Parents Husband Wife
NAME William Tyzick May Thompson
BORN 18 March 19008525,8526,8527,8528 4 December 1904742,1975
PLACE Marlborough Township, Ontario, Canada Westmeath, Renfrew Co., Ontario
DIED 1944 9 March 19318516
PLACE London, England Carleton, Ontario, Canada
FATHER Robert Tyzick Robert Thompson
MOTHER Mary Frances Brouse Martha Bulmer
MARRIAGE 18 April 1925 in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada8529
Family History

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Children 1 2 3 4
NAME Arnold Robert Tysick living Percy Athol Tyzick Conway living
BORN 13 Nov 1925 24 Jun 1929
PLACE Ottawa, Ontario Ottawa, Ontario
MARRIED 22 Dec 1948 1950
PLACE Newmarket, Ontario
SPOUSE Olive Rideout living
DIED 15 Nov 19982314,8513 23 Jan 20078514
PLACE London, Ontario Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

Family History

After Mays death, the children were split up and sent to other homes - Arnold to his uncle Harris where he became known as Tom Thompson and Percy to the home of a Mr and Mrs Conway who adopted him.

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