Through the internet, I have met several distant cousins who have very generously provided me with detailed information about their branches and have kept me current. If I've left anyone out, I apologize. Below are listed some of these contributors, their surname of interest and their branch of that family.

Family Contributor Branch
Bews Doug Bews James Henry Bews and Ruth Hall Fryer
Clark Angela Gault Robert Arnot and Margaret Clark
Linda Kuzyk Robert Clerk and Catherine Whyte
Dow Nancy Dow John Dow and Jean Laurie
Fleming Helen Hall Thomas Fleming and Janet Scoular
Heron Alison Barbara Durry Robert Chalmers and Euphemia Aitken Heron
Alison Sones James Heron and Margaret Cant
Alexander Pearson Alexander Heron and Isabella McLean
Alexander Pearson Alexander Heron and Margaret Wilson
Lawrie Jane Adams Robert Lawrie and Jean Lawrie
Anne Fosbury Robert Kellam and Jane Lawrie
Anne Stevens Gavin Lawrie and Margaret Paterson
Gilmour Lawrie James Lawrie and Agnes Gilmour
Lowe Bill Lowe James Lowe and Mary Wilson
Pottinger Teresa Geiger William Pottinger and ElizabethTaylor
Elizabeth Christie James Tulloch and ChristianPottinger
Bonnie Pottinger James Pottinger and Jean Stout
Stuart Pottinger John Pottinger and Isabella Feather
Elaine Staats James Pottinger and Theodosia Smith
Thompson Robert Thompson Gordon Thompson and Minnie Hall